Welcome to the ZBL otherwise known as the Zwoop Business Library.

What is the ZBL ? 

What you will find on this website is an extensive analysis of the Zwoop project from a business point of view.
In other words, what we offer is the intended business plan for Zwoop.

The intended audience ? 

Our intended audience consists primarily of potential internal partners and financial investors.
Zwoop as a project is continuously on the move, and we are actively looking for members who are willing to participate on either a business or technical level.

But note that our business invention is open to the general audience as well.
Zwoop intends to be an ultra transparent system, where we hope to receive useful ideas, feedback and advice from you, whether this would be on a level of creative, business or technical expertise.

Also check… 

The landing page for Zwoop is: http://zwoop.be
This page is the official promo page for our application.

Contact us

Does this project look interesting to you?
Don’t hesitate to mail us at info@zwoop.be.

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